Solaris Affair is my space-music side project. I found that because I was creating so much music, and because I like such a wide array of genres, (drone, pure ambient, field-recordings, electronica, instrumental hip-hop, dub-techno, minimal, EDM) some of my tracks just didn't fit with my larger body of work as Kurt Lorenz. The name comes from the 1961 polish sci-fi novel Solaris by Stanislaw Lem.

"Gradually, in scientific circles, the 'Solaris Affair' came to be regarded as a lost cause, notably among the administrators of the Institute, where voices had ..."


Sentient Ocean EP • January 2012

Recorded and mixed by Solaris Affair. 1. & 2.
Mastered by Bill Bendrot.
Artwork by Kurt Lorenz.

Released by: Ember Music 
Release/catalogue number: EMBRep002 
Release date: Jan 15, 2012

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