"Into Air" release available now...

My track "Into Air,"  a collaboration with fellow Ember Music artist Coreena is available now. It is the lead track on Coreena's latest EP entitled Collabs + Remixes



Featuring collabs with Richie Dagger’s Crime, Modal Morphosis, Noisegasm, Ember Music artists Kurt Lorenz and (my other musical projectThe Never Were and remixes by Kjell, Stan Dart and J. Ohm.

I composed and performed the instrumental track and posted it online... Coreena heard it and asked if she could add vocals. She sent me her vocal recordings and I mixed the track... 

The EP has received several favorable reviews including a 10/10 review by Canadian music mag CPG. 

 "This EP is the most forward thinking piece we have heard this year. Coreena has the voice that is and will rise through the electronic genre ranks and our predictions are that she will be obtaining many requests for track features in the near future.

This EP is not your typical piece of electronic music. It's experimental, deep, dark, groovy, and sonically rich in sound. Each track has its place yet molds into one another like an extended set. Our favorite track was "Into Air". This spiritual trip of simple sounds makes you feel like it is never ending. The progression of quality sounds really hits the mind where it is necessary and is perfect food for the mind, body and soul."

Rating: 10/10


Electron: for iPhone

Just downloaded Electron. [App store link] My first impression is that this may be a little more advanced than many of the other "Matrix" style music apps. Electron allows multiple layers and patterns as well as the ability to change pitch and instrument sounds. 

Upon opening this app you are greeted with a 16x9 LED matrix. After about 5 seconds the Song List view scrolls up from the bottom giving you the opportunity to either load a current song or create a new one. You get to name your song, tap the Create button and you're back to the matrix. At the bottom of the screen are several navigation buttons. Rewind, Play, Layer and Pattern selection, Options, and Mode.

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