Kurt Lorenz & Daniel Davis - LIVE - 2014-09-27

My fellow Ember Music artist Daniel Davis and I recently played a live electronic soundtrack to the 1985 cult-classic anime film Angel's Egg (天使のたまご Tenshi no Tamago). The event was the first show in what we hope will become a series of shows at the amazing Scarecrow Video in Seattle entitled "Live Soundtracks to Strange Films."

New Release of Old Material

I am happy to announce my latest release Isaz, a 4 track EP featuring experiments in sound, processed loops and field recordings. All of these tracks were conceptualized, recorded, programmed and mixed between January and September 2009. Available now as a free download from Bandcamp.

Isaz - Track by Track

01. This is just my voice

This is just a looping, processed sample of me saying "this is just my voice" 

02. Cargo

Processed sample of a train running through Carkeek Park in Seattle, WAUSA. This track was recorded with an M-Audio MicroTrack II digital recorder using the standard t-microphone. I used Ableton Live 6 for processing through an Auto Filter, a Simple Delay and a Resonator.

03. Batavia

This is the soundtrack to a memory. Flying in my fathers small plane from Buffalo. NY to Batavia, IL. when I was 6 years old. A mix of excitement and utter dread. I feel like I captured those feelings in this track.

04. Eye

Original Experimental Music/Sound (by Kurt Lorenz) made completely on the iPhone using BeatMaker, NLogSynth, and iGendyn. (Slo-Mo Vocalizations are from the videos audio track.) Each app was recorded directly into an audio channel in Ableton Live and some basic mixing/compression applied. This track is the soundtrack to an experimental film I created entitled "Eye" you can see the video below or here: www.vimeo.com/5243888

eye from Kurt Lorenz on Vimeo.

The Film I Made with Imogen Heap...

Last year I was asked by Imogen Heap to contribute my short film "Bees" to her Love The Earth Concert/Film performance at the Royal Albert Hall. Well the film is finally coming to the public and will debut on April 22, 2012 (Earth Day) at 7.30 pm BST in the form of a 90 Minute Live Event from Imogen's Garden. 

For more information about this event and to RSVP for the live stream:



The Most Interesting Mascot in the World

I have recently finished a very fun project at work. We created 6 parody videos starring the Seattle University mascot to promote our 600+ Alumni Donor Challenge. The campaign is a parody of the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" adverts. Here is an example: 


...and here is the playlist of our videos: 


All of the videos were shot and edited (post production) by me.

Cardboard Houses Music Video

I have just completed a music video project for Summer Rain Recordings artist IG88. The video is made with found footage from the Prelinger Collection at archive.org. Edited in FCE4.

"Cardboard Houses" by IG88 from Kurt Lorenz on Vimeo.

"Cardboard Houses" by IG88
Release Date: May 31st 2010

Catalog Number: SRR-075

IG88′s self titled EP is his debut release on Summer Rain. Beautiful, haunting melodies, occasional vocals, and glitched, elaborate beats bind to culminate in a blissful collection of tracks that inspire and soothe.

Visit http://www.summerrainrecordings.net

Video compiled and edited by Kurt Lorenz


On May 14th I joined my good friend Daniel Davis on stage for the first-ever live show of his musical project Carl Sagan's Ghost. I created some amazing visuals to go with the performance... They're a little blown out in the performance video but if you hit play on both videos below you can see the performance and the visuals at the same time...

Carl Sagan's Ghost | Live at SPACE - 05-14-2010 from Kurt Lorenz on Vimeo.


Carl Sagan's Ghost Live Visuals | Live at SPACE - 05-14-2010-01h.31m.48s.25f from Kurt Lorenz on Vimeo.

10 Seconds

I am now 18 days into my latest project; 10 Seconds. The plan is to take 10 seconds of video everyday for 365 days. My hope is to learn more about the process of filming and color grading/post production. I am using a Canon T1i DSLR as my main video capture device and Adobe After Effects CS3 for most of my post processing. I'm posting daily to my vimeo account. Here are a few of my favorite clips so far...

10 Seconds 2010-03-07 from Kurt Lorenz on Vimeo.


10 Seconds 2010-03-12 from Kurt Lorenz on Vimeo.


10 Seconds 2010-03-13 from Kurt Lorenz on Vimeo.


Over the last 6 months or so I have really been struggling with putting my live set together. For me the problem is how to make an Ableton Live laptop set "live" enough to be entertaining. I'm trying to run visuals through VDMX while playing my Ableton set as well... What I really needed was a way to practice live, without an actual audience staring at me. So of course the internet is the answer. Enter USTREAM (http://www.ustream.tv/

USTREAM gives me the ability to stream my live set and (with some 3rd party software) visuals. I can also record my broadcast and view/embed it. 

Below is a recording of my first live streaming set on USTREAM, follow me there: http://www.ustream.tv/kurtlrnz


Search For Meaning Promo

Search For Meaning Promo from Kurt Lorenz on Vimeo.

A 30 second promotional spot I created in After Effects. This will be used on the web and for a slideshow presentation at the event...


A 30 second promotional spot I created in After Effects. This will be used on the web and for a slideshow presentation at the event...

Computer Artist Glenn Marshall

Computer artist Glenn Marshall is from the future. A future where the artist uses code instead of a brush. That future is now. His amazing visual creations are made with Processing.

“Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions.”



The Nest That Sailed The Sky from Glenn Marshall on Vimeo.