Over the last 6 months or so I have really been struggling with putting my live set together. For me the problem is how to make an Ableton Live laptop set "live" enough to be entertaining. I'm trying to run visuals through VDMX while playing my Ableton set as well... What I really needed was a way to practice live, without an actual audience staring at me. So of course the internet is the answer. Enter USTREAM (

USTREAM gives me the ability to stream my live set and (with some 3rd party software) visuals. I can also record my broadcast and view/embed it. 

Below is a recording of my first live streaming set on USTREAM, follow me there:


Hard at Work

I am currently working on two new tracks. I hope to have them completed in the next few weeks. I have also been digging deeper into some of the music apps that I have been collecting on my iPhone, specifically SunVox, JR Hexatone, 8Bitone and iSequence. These apps are very easy to purchase and play with, but sometimes I have a hard time slipping them into my Ableton Live workflow. I usually get so caught up in Ableton that the songs kind of finish themselves before I can even get to the iPhone. I guess I just need to start by capturing the output from the iPhone and building a song off of that. 

I Need You To Say Something Profound

This song contains samples of myself and my oldest son. I turned on the MicroTrack II and said to him, "I need you to say something profound." His immediate reply is just as you hear it. I thought, that'll do. I already had a rough instrumental version of the track completed in Ableton Live. I just laid the sample out and tweaked the pitch a bit. Done. I wish they were all as easy as this one was.

Kurt Lorenz - I need you to say something profound by kurtlorenz