Kurt Lorenz & Daniel Davis - LIVE - 2014-09-27

My fellow Ember Music artist Daniel Davis and I recently played a live electronic soundtrack to the 1985 cult-classic anime film Angel's Egg (天使のたまご Tenshi no Tamago). The event was the first show in what we hope will become a series of shows at the amazing Scarecrow Video in Seattle entitled "Live Soundtracks to Strange Films."

Love The Earth Film

I am proud to announce that my short film "Bees" was hand selected by Grammy Award winning artist Imogen Heap to appear in her concert/film/dvd project Love the Earth. The film debuted at Royal Albert Hall on November 5th, 2010 and streamed live to more than 480,000 viewers. For more information about the project visit their website: http://www.lovetheearthfilm.org/

or watch this: 


Bees from Kurt Lorenz on Vimeo.

Sunday afternoon in my sunny Seattle garden. Listen close, slow-mo bee sounds and bird song, and plenty of slow-mo camera noise too! I was really planning on composing a nice haunting melody to go with these great visuals but the raw sound played back at 25% the original speed was just too cool to mess with.


On May 14th I joined my good friend Daniel Davis on stage for the first-ever live show of his musical project Carl Sagan's Ghost. I created some amazing visuals to go with the performance... They're a little blown out in the performance video but if you hit play on both videos below you can see the performance and the visuals at the same time...

Carl Sagan's Ghost | Live at SPACE - 05-14-2010 from Kurt Lorenz on Vimeo.


Carl Sagan's Ghost Live Visuals | Live at SPACE - 05-14-2010-01h.31m.48s.25f from Kurt Lorenz on Vimeo.


Over the last 6 months or so I have really been struggling with putting my live set together. For me the problem is how to make an Ableton Live laptop set "live" enough to be entertaining. I'm trying to run visuals through VDMX while playing my Ableton set as well... What I really needed was a way to practice live, without an actual audience staring at me. So of course the internet is the answer. Enter USTREAM (http://www.ustream.tv/

USTREAM gives me the ability to stream my live set and (with some 3rd party software) visuals. I can also record my broadcast and view/embed it. 

Below is a recording of my first live streaming set on USTREAM, follow me there: http://www.ustream.tv/kurtlrnz


Search For Meaning Promo

Search For Meaning Promo from Kurt Lorenz on Vimeo.

A 30 second promotional spot I created in After Effects. This will be used on the web and for a slideshow presentation at the event...


A 30 second promotional spot I created in After Effects. This will be used on the web and for a slideshow presentation at the event...

The Patience of a Saint I - by Carl Sagan's Ghost

Recording artist Daniel Davis, a.k.a. Carl Sagan's Ghost is a fellow electronic musician and Seattleite. We met on Twitter when I signed up for his MAAP: Excursion One (Multiple Artist Ambient Project). I was a few days too late to be included in the first round of that project but we hooked up in person for the Ghostly 10 Year show at Decibel Festival. I was invited by Daniel to participate in a (January 2010?) live performance of his forthcoming album At The End It All... featuring The Patience of a Saint I, II & III.

I have offered to compile some live visuals for the performance and below is one of my first layers...